Why Open A LINK Staffing Franchise

LINK Franchises Offer Flexible and Lucrative Self-Employment Opportunities

Here is your opportunity to be your own boss. Create your own retirement path. Set your own schedule.

Perhaps you have worked in the corporate world for a number of years and are ready to be your own boss. Or you are a skilled recruiter who understands the staffing business and are ready to be an owner. Or maybe you have worked in skilled trades for a number of years and want to help others in your field secure employment.

All of these scenarios describe the typical LINK franchise owner – someone who has real world experience and is ready to be the master of his or her domain…without having to reinvent the wheel.

Most LINK Staffing franchise owners have been in the business for more than 10 years. That’s because we provide you with proven processes and tools to find outstanding candidates and provide excellent customer service. Plus, LINK will fund your payroll and provide full back-office support so you can focus on growing your business instead of being bogged down by administrative details. We want to work with you to make your LINK franchise as successful as possible.

Why Purchase a LINK Staffing Franchise

  • Low Entrance Fees
  • Funding for Employee Payroll for rapid growth
  • Back-office management provided
  • Risk management and loss control specialists
  • ACA and EEOC Compliance
  • Growth and Renewal incentives
  • 35+ year proven system
  • Training
  • Larger Territories 
  • Longer Contract periods
  • Veteran ownership programs
  • Marketing support
  • Sales leads
  • Entrepreneurial culture

Benefits of a LINK Staffing Franchise

There are numerous benefits to owning a LINK Staffing franchise, including: 

  • LINK offers low entrance fees, payroll funding, back-office management and performance bonuses for all our franchisees so they can focus on building a successful business rather than time-intensive administrative and banking tasks.
  • LINK franchisees have access to our proven staffing systems and tools developed over a 35+ year period. This includes the industry’s most robust candidate assessment process as well as the most advanced safety and risk manager program. We are experts in the industry and here to help you.
  • All LINK franchise owners are assigned to a franchise support manager who will be proactive business partners to help ensure your success. Some of their duties are to provide guidance with day-to-day issues, to share best practices and to provide leadership on growth strategies and succession plans. Franchise owners share input with their franchise support manager and are represented by the Franchise Advisory Council in all corporate decision making.
  • LINK offers franchisees larger territories, more location possibilities and longer contract periods than any other staffing franchise.
  • Veterans wishing to open a LINK  franchise receive special discounts.


Interested in a LINK Staffing Franchise? Contact us to learn more.