Link Staffing Recognized as Best Family Owned Business

We are excited to announce that Link Staffing has been recognized as one of the Best Family Owned Businesses by the Houston Business Journal.  Being featured in this inaugural list is quite an honor!  Sixty-eight family-owned businesses were chosen to be featured as HBJ kicks off this awesome recognition, and our very own President and CEO, Kathryn Mujezinovic, was selected as one of the featured leaders.

Being a Family Owned Employment Firm in Texas

With Link’s 43-years in Houston, our leaders and teams agree that the benefits of being a family-led business far outweigh its challenges.  Kathryn Mujezinovic, Link’s President and CEO, describes what has made Link a successful leader among such companies.

“It’s no surprise that the dynamics in a family-owned business can be quite different from standard models. Family businesses must navigate the tricky balance between familial obligations and business responsibilities. The important principles to remember are communication and maintaining focus on our core values.”

Our owners and leaders Kathryn Mujezinovic, Faruk Mujezinovic and Michelle Bearden would agree that continuing to serve Houston and all of Texas is the most fulfilling part of our tight-knit group.  “This is possible through the culture we have built, maintained, and continue to improve,” said Mujezinovic. “Throughout this incredible journey, our family business always maintained focus on our mission and values, which we continue to implement into every function of our company.”

Our President and CEO, Kathryn Mujezinovic, was featured in the honorees list, which you can view here.