Recognized as a Top Staffing Firm

LINK in the Limelight

Recently, LINK Staffing was awarded two coveted positions on Forbes’ lists, including being ranked one of the Best Temporary Staffing Firms of 2020, earning a five-star rating, and as one of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms. We’re proud to be recognized by the business community for our commitment to quality and excellence in the staffing field.

To commemorate this achievement, we were featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur, spotlighting our spectacular business and the efforts of our vice president, Kathryn Mujezinovic. “We are a company that was built on—and thrives on—our values,” says Mujezinovic. “With the company’s unwavering emphasis on dignity and integrity, LINK Sta­ffing has been incredibly successful at making a positive impact on our community and beyond.”

Those values continue to be the driving force behind our success, and we’re honored to be recognized for our ability to connect outstanding workers with the businesses who need them.

Weathering COVID

In addition to our overall quality, LINK Staffing has also been acknowledged for our management of the COVID-19 crisis. During the pandemic, we’ve worked hard to maintain our high standards in the staffing industry and ensure essential positions remain filled.

“Since we have always counted essential businesses as a major part of our model, we were able to use our vital relationships with these companies to find work for Houstonians and people coast to coast,” says Mujezinovic.

Read the full article, including more exciting information about LINK Staffing’s award-winning services, here.