Link Staffing Announces New Direct Hire Division

HOUSTON, TX — (Marketwired) — 06/10/13 — Demand for direct hire placement staffing has risen steadily since the current economic recovery began in 2011. Research performed by BMO Capital Markets indicates that direct hire permanent placement services are expected to outperform in 2013. Due to this rise in demand as well as pressure from current temporary staffing clients, Link Staffing is proud to announce its newest direct hire division, Link Services™.

Link Services™ will operate under the direction of Ruth McCurdy, Operations Manager of Link Staffing Services. The new division has already been making full-time permanent placements since earlier this year with the help of two talented recruiters, who came on staff in April 2013.

McCurdy is optimistic about the staffing labor market and the demand outlook for remainder of the year. Said McCurdy, “Our big goal for this year is to build awareness that Link Staffing is not just a provider of temporary staffing services.” Ruth elaborated on the starting point for growing the new division, “Now we’re applying our experienced hand towards filling permanent placement needs, starting with our existing client base, then expanding to new clients and other areas such as business administration, and clerical staffing.”

The new division has set forth some admirable goals for itself. Here’s a brief rundown of what Link Services™ will offer as its main selling points to clients in need of a direct hire staffing firm.

Link Services™ identifies candidates’ career goals, not just desirable skills
“We want to emphasize to each client and candidate the importance of matching values and career goals when it comes to direct hire placements,” said recruiter Tony Guzman. “It’s our goal to make placements that are a benefit to the organization long-term.”

The Link Services™ hiring process will mirror the client’s hiring process
Many clients are very particular about how to interview and hire employees, internally. Human Resources Managers and other hiring professionals have learned what works best for their own employee search. With that in mind, the new direct-hire division has chosen adopt a “mirroring” process to emulate the clients hiring practices and procedures.

Intense focus on client company culture
“Part of the discovery process for each client who hires us is learning about their internal culture,” said recruiter Nicole Blue. “We know what kind of person will fit in to their organization and we look for that,” she said. The company declares on its website, “[A]rmed with the right information plus a little investigation, our hiring expects are right more often than not. This is a key area where our staffing experience comes into play.”

For more information about hiring employees through Link Services, please contact Ruth McCurdy ( or Tony Guzman (

About Link Staffing Services, Parent Company of Link Services:
Founded in 1980, Link Staffing Services provides staffing and productivity solutions to businesses and industry. The personnel Link supplies ranges from skilled crafts and trades to light industrial, semi-skilled and general labor. As a leader in the industry, Co-CEOs Bill and Karen Pitts have set themselves apart by providing cutting-edge technology and comprehensive screening processes, and by providing the type of workers clients like to hire. Based in Houston, Texas, Link Staffing has over 43 locations nationwide. For more information, please visit, or call 1-800-848-LINK (5465).