How to Partner with Your Staffing Agency to Create a Safer Workplace

When it comes to choosing a staffing agency, there are many deciding factors from reliability, screening programs, quality of candidates, recruiting, etc.  What many companies don’t think about is the benefit and cost effectiveness of hiring a staffing agency with knowledge and expertise on workplace safety.

Here are a few ways your staffing agency can benefit you when it comes to protecting your workers.

Provide general safety training for your employees

Whether its through seminars, safety literature, videos, webinars, luncheons, contests, etc. staffing agencies can help you promote workplace safety and implement general training that can be applied throughout a wide variety of worksites and jobs.  This also includes training tailored to specific workplace hazards like trips, slips and falls, hand injuries, eye injuries and more.

Client Site Evaluations

Most safety educated staffing agencies can help you improve the safety of your workplace by conducting frequent worksite evaluations. This includes an investigation of your entire worksite. They will help you identify any potential safety hazards, assess risks, training opportunities and help resolve any issues to prevent future accidents. 

Cultivate safety awareness with various safety programs

Staffing agencies can help promote workplace health and safety awareness through various initiatives like participating in National Safety Month. They can help establish an identity of shared responsibility that is a great way to build awareness and encourage safety education.


Most important, an agency that is educated on workplace safety can help you communicate the importance of workplace safety, your employee’s responsibility in ensuring their personal safety, as well as the safety of their coworkers, spotting potential hazards and preventing accidents.

The reasons for most workplace accidents are because systems of prevention are not put into place. Safety does not happen by accident and partnering with an educated risk and safety expert can actively ensure the protection of your people and the environment and can also make a major contribution to your businesses success.

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