Are You Sabotaging Your Job Search?

1. Taking Too Many Breaks During Your Search

Let’s face it…we have all been there. Unemployment accompanied with a job search can be exhausting and discerning. Although its ok to take the occasional breather, don’t allow yourself lengthy breaks every time you are discouraged, or even worse, when you are making some progress.

2. Not Dedicating Enough Time

According to, almost 44% of job seekers spend less than 3 hours per day looking for a new position, yet research shows that people who put more time into their job search find jobs sooner.

You should be viewing your job search as you full-time job while you are unemployed. This not only means searching online job boards, but some of this time should be spent volunteering, setting up informational interviews/meetings, seeking out professional organizations, or taking on freelance jobs.

3. Letting Frustration Get the Best of You

After half a dozen interviews, some of which have been very promising, but still no offer, your ego may be a little bit damaged. The best way to derail your job search is by giving into these frustrations. DON’T GIVE UP!!! Your next interview could mean your next dream job!

4. Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket

How many people have been guilty of this one? I know I have. You get an interview for a position that is the perfect fit! You may even get a couple of call back interviews. But this does not mean that you should stop looking. It’s best to continue your job search efforts and pursue several opportunities while you wait to hear from your preferred employer.

5. Getting Distracted

Unfortunately, when you are unemployed and job searching, your life doesn’t stop.It’s easy to make excuses for limiting your job search when you have errands, carpooling, soccer practices, chores, etc 

This is why it’s important to establish a routine. For example, you might spend the morning applying for jobs, and the afternoon networking and following up on jobs that you have applied for. Keep household tasks for the evening just as if you were working full time. 

6. Failing to update your resume

You may think that your resume is superb! But chances are you’re wrong. Have at least 3-4 people review your resume including friends, family, professionals and recruiters. 

Customizing your resume for each job search is also crucial. A tailored resume that includes targeted keywords tells an employer that you are educated and serious about the advertised job. It also makes it more likely that your resume will actually be seen and not thrown out in the initial screening process.

7. Not Changing Up Your Job Search

Although the online job search is the most popular venue for finding a job, this should not be your only route. Find a balance and include networking, joining professional organizations, social media, attending business social events and seminars in your desired industry/profession. 

8. Forgetting to take time for Yourself!

Although it’s a mistake to take TOO many breaks during your search, its just as detrimental to take no breaks at all. It’s important to maintain your life and make time for social activities, personal and family time. But don’t over do it. Too frequent and too long of breaks can prolong your chances of finding a job.