4 Reasons You Aren’t Getting Hired

Job search. Two simple words that can strike an instant rush of dread and heartache into almost anybody. We’ve all been there. Whether you just graduated college and are looking for your first “real” job, got laid-off from a previous job or are currently employed and looking to change jobs, the job search never gets easier. Especially after a few months of no contact from prospective employers. At this point you are probably pulling your hair out and asking yourself “What’s wrong with me?” The answer isn’t what’s wrong with YOU, it’s what’s wrong with your job search strategy. Here are four reasons why prospective employers aren’t taking your bait and how you can fix it.

1. You aren’t networking

By now, this concept should sound like a broken record to you. In case you didn’t know, four in ten people say they’ve not only found a job, but they’ve found their BEST job through a personal connection. If you aren’t doing this, it’s a good indication as to why you haven’t found a job.

Don’t give up hope just yet…even if you don’t enjoy networking, there are some things that you can do to make valuable connections. The first thing that comes to mind is social media! It is a beautiful tool that was created for a reason!

 According to Jobvite, 76 percent of jobs seekers found their current position through Facebook. Also make sure to reach out to professionals in your industry via LinkedIn and Twitter. Ask them questions about their career paths, seek advice or even ask to set up an informational interview. Everyone has been where you are and most people are more than happy to help you. You never know when you are going to meet that one person that will change it all if you don’t try!

2. You don’t have a strong personal brand

When it comes to getting a job, you have to care about your reputation—offline and online. Are you on LinkedIn? Do you have a professional portfolio, both online and offline? Do you watch what you tweet and post on Facebook? If you said no to any of these, then you aren’t doing yourself justice.

Research shows that while 96 percent of recruiters are active on LinkedIn, only 36 percent of job seekers are. Less than half!!! If you haven’t done so already, make a LinkedIn profile and be active on it! Research companies, post articles or blogs, join networking groups and start getting noticed by companies! If you don’t know how to build a LinkedIn profile, then this post can help you walk through the basics.

3. You aren’t consistent in following up with employers or networking contacts

I’m sure you’ve heard it before…always, ALWAYS follow up. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t just follow up with employers, follow up with every professional contact that has the ability to connect you to a job or another contact who can help you with your job search. People get busy and forget, so don’t feel bad about reminding them. Only you can take control of your search…and no one should care more than you do.

When it comes to following up with an employer send them a thank you email. Whether it was a phone interview or a face-to-face interview, send a thank you email to everyone that you came into contact with and differentiate them! No one like an ungenunie copy and paste thank you note. When it comes to a networking contact follow the same rules and ask them if they have anyone else that they can put you in contact with. Everyone knows someone who know someone!

4. You turn off your job search radar when you get an interview

A HUGE mistake that job seekers make is they stop searching and applying for jobs when they secure an interview. In the initial stages of the interview there is no guarantee you’ll get hired….or that you’ll even like the position. Continue to focus on interviews, but don’t stop searching and applying for new jobs and networking opportunities.

 Think as your job search as your full time job. You should be spending as much time and energy searching for a job as you would if you were actually working. A job search is by no means easy, but if you are dedicated and strategic, you will cut your job search and heartache in half.