How Hiring Veterans Benefits Your Business

Among the most valuable ways to say “Thank You For Your Service” to a veteran is to give them a job. Work plays a crucial role in their transition from military to civilian life. Employing an Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine veteran helps show them the many ways their hard-earned skills are transferable to the private sector. Hiring a veteran is a smart business practice that benefits both the veteran and your company. Read on to learn how men and women with military experience make exceptional employees.


Veterans are Team Players

From boot camp to officer training, members of the military learn working as a team is critical. They know that collaboration can literally save lives under certain circumstances. At work, this translates into respect for safety protocols and the input of others, the ability to listen to directives and maintain open communication, along with a willingness to seek clarification when necessary. Veterans often evolve into leaders and motivators in any position they take on, guiding others to improve their collaboration skills and stay focused on the task at hand.


Veterans are Flexible

In the military, things can change in an instant. Veterans are uniquely capable of understanding rapidly shifting environments and make smart decisions on the fly with the goal of staying on course. Because of frequent relocations, veterans learn to work easily with people they’ve just met, as well as people from diverse backgrounds. Finally, workers with military experience are calm under pressure: Shortened deadlines. Increased production goals. Sudden changes on the job—veterans know how to stay attentive, adaptable and focused when priorities shift or the unexpected occurs.

Veterans are Responsible

Service instills veterans with discipline, a stellar work ethic, and a strong sense of responsibility. These are individuals who show up and don’t engage in behaviors that delay or interrupt workflow. They are hard workers who feel responsible for the work they produce, responsible to other members of their team, and responsible to their employers. When issues inevitably arise, they don’t avoid grappling with the problem or make excuses. Veterans address problems directly and respectfully in order to find a solution that helps accomplish the company’s goal.

Veterans are Highly Trained

Military training is intensive and veterans of all ranks come equipped with abundant soft and hard skills that can benefit a business. Depending upon their occupational specialty, a veteran may have years of experience working with heavy machinery, electrical systems, computers, information technology, security systems, complex machinery repair, and administrative systems. If their expertise is not directly aligned with the position, veterans are often agile and focused trainees. They also bring invaluable soft skills to the table, such as self-discipline, the ability to listen and communicate, and stick-to-it-iveness.

Every year, up to 360,000 men and women leave the military and re-enter civilian life highly equipped to handle the unique challenges and goals of your company. Whether the position is seasonal, temporary or full-time, the attributes above make them fully committed and equipped to hit the ground running when they begin working.

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