Finding Ways To Add In Exercise At Work Supports Overall Good Health

Many Office Jobs Don’t Require Any Physical Activity At Work

When was the last time you actually stopped to think about your health at work? Sure, many of us wake up early for a run, or playing tennis after we leave work…. But what about those 8+ hours we spend at the office?

Karen Burgess, our Systems Support Manager who has been with Link for almost 10 years, noticed this problem years ago. “We sit too much.” Karen says. “We get on auto-pilot and jump from our cars to the elevator, from the elevator to the chair, and it becomes and instinct – we don’t even think about it.”

It’s Easy To Increase The Level Of Activity In Your Daily Routine

For many years now, Karen turned her auto-pilot off and started taking some actions, like taking the stairs to our office on the 8th floor (depending on the size of her high heels of course) and not parking on the nearest parking spot, just to get a few more steps in and some blood circulation flowing. 

And Karen is not the only one. Manuel Rodriguez, our System Support Specialist for almost 4 years, has started regularly taking 1-2 breaks a day just to go down to the lobby and come back up the stairs. He already runs in the morning before coming to the office, but he sees the importance of being active and healthy.

Julie Thompson, Link’s HR Assistant, has been in the company for just around 6 months. About a couple weeks ago she saw Karen using the stairs, and it was the first time she even noticed we have them. Julie decided on that day to start taking the stairs to use the restroom on the first floor. “Going down is the easy part. But on my way up, around the fourth floor, I start running out of breath and feeling my legs”, Julie says. But with only 2 weeks of activity, Julie already sees improvement on her muscles and lungs, and she says it has definitely gotten easier since she started.

Creating Healthy Habits To Add More Exercise At Work Is Worthwhile

We spend so many hours at the office, sitting at our desks and walking only to the copy room, that it can be easy to turn auto-pilot on and forget about our health. It is important that we notice we can make improvements in our habits with simple actions – like taking the stairs or not parking on the nearest spot. Karen, Manuel and Julie are great examples of implementing a healthy lifestyle into their work life, and Link is proud to have them on board.