LINK 360° Safe Environment℠ Program

Why LINK Is The Best Staffing Service for Industrial Positions

LINK Staffing believes that for employees to perform at their best, they must fit in with the culture of the workplace. That’s why LINK Safety Ambassadors visit all client worksites before placing a candidate in a role. During the visit, we conduct a company cultural assessment and site audit to match the best candidate to the role. Once we determine that a candidate is a cultural fit, we educate the candidate on the work environment (such as casual vs formal, working independently or managed closely). That way the candidate can spend more time working in the job rather than learning the work environment.

However, given that inherent riskier nature of industrial jobs, LINK has created a special program to ensure the safety of our candidates when they are on the job.

LINK’s 360 Safe EnvironmentSM Program Finds The Best Industrial Candidates

LINK is a major industrial staffing firm  that offers a comprehensive, ongoing safety review and training program for our industrial clients and candidates.

LINK has Risk Ambassadors across the country who conduct Pre-Assignment Site Safety Tour and Risk Assessments of all client worksites prior to the placement of LINK candidates…at no extra charge to you. Our Risk Ambassadors will identify and communicate hazards for correction and assist in revising safety manuals (even in multiple languages) prior to the placement of a LINK candidate.

How LINK’s 360 Safe EnvironmentSM Program Helps Find The Best Candidates

  • Pre-Assignment Site Safety Tour and Risk Assessment
  • Client site recommendations on hazard corrections and control
  • Client safety training – industry specific – injury prevention and regulatory compliance
  • 24/7 On Call Safety Ambassadors & Loss Control Specialists
  • Thorough candidate safety testing and training
  • Extensive candidate assessments and background checks
  • Industry certification programs including OSHA 10 Construction and General Industry, Powered Industrial Trucks, and Defensive Driving
  • Train-the-Trainer programs
  • OSHA-trained recruiters

We Prioritize Safety For All Players With Our Process

  • Managers/Trainers: OSHA-trained Risk Managers/Trainers
  • Clients: Site Safety Evaluation & Correction
  • Clients: Client Safety Training & Certifications
  • Candidates: Candidate Safety Assessment, Training & Certifications
  • Recruiters: Many OSHA-trained recruiters

Pre-Assignment Site Safety Tour: Included with our service whether you hire one person or 100, one of our Safety Ambassadors will give your worksite a thorough safety inspection.

Client Site Correction or Safety Enhancement: LINK safety team members will help you revise your safety manuals in multiple languages, if needed, for more effective candidate orientation and on-boarding. This process helps our clients minimize work-related accidents and gives LINK candidates the peace of mind that they are entering a safe workplace.

Client Safety Training: In the past five years, LINK has conducted more than 1,200 Site Safety Tours and Risk Assessments, resulting in 8,000+ identified workplace hazards. We share our extensive lessons learned with clients via webinars, presentations, on-site and multi-site workshops, lunch & learns as well as self-paced training.

24/7 On-Call Safety Ambassador: LINK Staffing’s standard service provides 24/7 phone access to our Safety Ambassadors and Loss Control Specialists who can provide guidance on managing injury clams and minimize potential losses.

Extensive Candidate Vetting: LINK offers the most comprehensive industrial candidate screening process in the industry. Click here to learn more.

Robust Candidate Safety Testing and Training: We offer ongoing candidate safety training to ensure all candidates are well versed in safety expectations and skills.

Industry Certification programs: Role-specific expertise also enhances safety. LINK offers industry specialty certifications for our clients and their employees for an extra fee. Example programs include Powered Industrial Trucks, OSHA 10, OSHA 500 and OSHA 501.

Train-the-Trainer: For an additional fee, LINK experts will train trainers within your company on certifying employees in an array of industry specialty certifications, such as Powered Industrial Trucks, Defensive Driving, Hazard Auditing, and Safety Committee Management.

OSHA-trained recruiters: Most of LINK staff members are OSHA-trained so they speak your language and know what questions to ask to ensure candidates are thoroughly versed in your safety requirements.

Want to learn how LINK can partner with you to ensure workplace safety? Contact us.