10 Professions That Need Skilled Labor Now

A recent study by the ManpowerGroup, a global workforce consulting and research firm, lists the ten jobs that employers report having difficulty finding talent due to a lack of skilled applicants. The authors of “2013 Talent Shortage Survey United States” surveyed over 1,000 U.S. companies and found that over one third of employers in the U.S. (39 percent) said they had trouble filling certain jobs.

Keep reading to find out which 10 professions are lacking in skilled labor.

1. Skilled Trades Workers

Some of the jobs that fall under skilled trades are carpenters, welders, bricklayers, electricians and plumbers, to name a few.

So, why are these types of jobs so hard to fill? According to ManpowerGroup, the supply gap in this field is impacted by the aging workers and retiring baby boomers. As we are losing workers to retirement, there are not nearly enough young skilled workers to supplement them. This accompanied by the fact that we steered youth away from vocational programs and apprenticeships where they learn these types of trades.

2. Information Technology Staff

IT can fall under a multitude of professions, but includes primarily computer programmers and software developers. Computer systems analysts, network analysts, IT consultants, and other computer-technology-related careers also fall under IT. We are having trouble filling these jobs because there is a huge demand, but a lack of education programs focused on science, technology and math..

3. Accounting and Finance Staff

Keeping track of finances is important to any business, so it’s no surprise that accounting and finance professionals are always in high demand. These positons are often so hard to fill because there is such a large diversification of skills needed in these areas. Accountants need to know not only number-crunching, but be well-versed in the industry they crunch those numbers for.

4. Drivers

There just aren’t enough drivers of trucks, delivery vans, and just about anything businesses use to transport people or goods. It all comes back to supply and demand. The demand is just so big and going up, and we don’t have the talent supply for what the economy demands.

5. Technicians

Health care is booming and health care technicians such as dental technicians, diagnostic medical sonographers, and medical and clinical laboratory technicians, make up a good portion of this group.

One major reason for this is that we have an overall aging population, and with an aging population, the demand for health care in general is increasing. Plus, with advances in technology, technicians will be in higher demand, and supply is just not keeping up.

6. Sales Representatives

Although there is not a strict and specific path to pursuing a career as a sales representative, selling is a skill – and it’s highly prized. Sales reps tend to be one of the first positions a company will hire on when they feel they have to go into growth mode. Everyone’s is clamoring for anyone that can help grow general revenue and that starts with sales reps.

7. Mechanics

Ever heard the saying, “Good mechanics are hard to find”? This is very skilled work that goes into maintenance and repair and once again, our supply is just not keeping up with the demands. Especially with manufacturing on the rebound, and goods needing to be delivered, this occupation is in need.

8. Teachers

In this category, we’re talking about all teachers, but mainly kindergarten, elementary and high school teachers. This is an area in which there is pressure to keep student to teacher ratios reasonable, so this results in high demand.

All over the world, teachers are highly prized and highly valuable, and yet in the U.S., their pay does not reflect this philosophy. However, that might be changing, and the fact that they are in high demand now might result in higher respect and higher pay in the future.

9. Engineers

This group includes all sorts of engineers, from civil and mechanical to chemical and petroleum, according to ManPower. But because of the tough academic requirements to pursue a career as an engineer, these professionals make the list of being hard to find.

10. Management / Executives

Middle management positions are often some of the first to get cut in a recession, so when the recovery starts, businesses need to replace those people. Like accounting and finance experts, as the business world becomes more diverse, companies want managers and executives with more specialized knowledge to compete.

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