Staffing Sales Tips: 6 Tips for Hiring an Outstanding Salesperson

It goes without saying that every staffing agency needs to sell. Whether you handle the sales yourself or have a sales staff working for you, you’re making an investment in sales. And like other investments, you want to maximize production. Obviously, you’ll need great salespeople, who can be wickedly hard to find.

When hiring salespeople, you are hiring the future of your company. Often they’re the outward face of the business; the people that investors and clients will interact with. The most important staffing sales tip is to remember that they are your company, and that they represent you and your brand. Follow some of the staffing sales tips below to get the best sales people to represent and boost your company.

Tip #1: Hunt for the Hunters 

Someone who looks for the next big thing and seeks out those large accounts is a valuable tool indeed. An individual who prepares and considers all of the information is someone you surely want on your team.

Tip #2: Follow Up on Follow-Ups

Hunting alone is not enough. Consistent follow-ups are invaluable. They maintain the interest in the potential client and present your company in glowing light. The discipline to pursue and follow-up is vital.

Tip #3: Charisma and Confidence Count

A good salesperson needs to be likeable; few people will buy anything from a shady character! In fact, a great salesman possesses a trait beyond likeability. Let’s call it “charisma.” Along with that charisma, a certain confidence in their ability and their knowledge is needed. Perhaps even a touch of self-assuredness and arrogance. Ultimately, it’s best if they have an unflinching confidence in their ability to sell. You may find that super confidence makes them occasionally challenging to manage. But it’s worth it!

Tip #4: Go for the Trifecta of Intelligence, Personality & Drive

To be sure, these qualities are beneficial for anyone you might hire, not just sales staff. But for sales especially, a mix of these three characteristics is important to not only enable salespeople to present themselves to buyers but to close the deal and create lasting relationships with clients. This will pay dividends over time.

Tip #5: Seek Out Resilience and Fight

Rejection in sales is inevitable. In fact, most sales professionals will say that the ability to handle failure may be the key ingredient in their success. Your staff must be able to deal with such rejection, to be able to know when to stop pursuing a sale (and when to keep pursuing), and to move on unperturbed. Sales come through perseverance. Period.

These staffing sales tips are important for obtaining a sales team that can do the job. Search for someone with tenacity and great people skills, intelligence and a passion for your service, and your sales can thrive.