Why Choose LINK For Industrial Hiring

Use LINK To Find The Best Industrial Staffing Candidates

LINK has been in the recruiting industry for 35+ years and has hired thousands of employees. Based on that experience, we created the LINK 9-Step Employee Selection System to assess for certain behaviors to weed out unreliable and undesirable candidates.

In fact, LINK candidates are more thoroughly prescreened than any other blue-collar industrial staffing firm, which is why approximately 33% of industrial applicants don’t make it through our screening process.

LINK 9-Step Employee Selection SystemSM

  • Extensive Pre-screening
  • Statistically Validated Office Skills Tests
  • Competency-based Interview
  • Industry-specific Skills Interview
  • Attitude and Ability to Follow Instructions
  • Drug Screening
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Job Matching Cultural Fit Program
  • Client Specific Orientation

LINK 9-Step Employee Selection SystemSM Consists Of The Following:

  1. Promising applicants take our proprietary LINK Occupational Pre-Employment Evaluation (L.O.P.E.®) which evaluates for characteristics of sabotage, hostility, and worker’s comp fraud and screens out applicants whose results are indicative of counterproductive behaviors.
  2. All LINK offices recruit for administrative, industrial, and 14 other skilled crafts. We have a variety of methods to test and evaluate candidate’s skill-specific proficiencies to best meet your requirements.
  3. LINK will never send a “stranger” we haven’t met to your workplace. Candidates who pass our L.O.P.E. evaluation are interviewed in– person. Each candidate spends approximately 2 hours being interviewed by 1-2 recruiters and taking additional written assessments all aimed at ensuring employees are able to perform the duties of LINK job descriptions.
  4. LINK has a variety of methods to test and evaluate candidate’s skill-specific proficiencies to best meet your requirements.
  5. During the in-person interviews, candidates applying for light industrial jobs go through a series of physical exercises that evaluate strength, agility and endurance, while also measuring their ability to follow instructions and their overall work attitude. LINK’s Functional Assessment Program is a simulation of how applicants will perform the essential functions of a position. It is a key ingredient in accident prevention and building the profile for the ideal candidate.
  6. All LINK candidates applying for temporary and temporary-to-hire positions must pass a urine drug analysis.
  7. All LINK candidates applying for temporary and temporary-to-hire positions are vetted via a criminal background check.
  8. LINK account managers visit your location and conduct a cultural assessment which is then used to match the appropriate candidate to the role. Candidate matching for cultural fit leads to increased candidate engagement and reduced turnover because the candidate has a better sense of belonging.
  9. “Rest assured that all LINK candidates have been cleared for eligibility to work in the United States.

Some wonder if such a rigorous process is a deterrent for hiring top quality candidates. We’ve found just the opposite. Such a thorough screening process assures our candidates that they will be working alongside other responsible employees reducing their risk of injury.

Additional Benefits of the LINK 9-Step Employee Selection SystemSM

  • Your hard-to-fill roles will be filled with competent, dependable candidates. Candidates want to work with LINK based on our commitment to safety and our industry-leading candidate care programs. And LINK’s 35+ year good reputation extends to industry associations and trade schools that gladly send candidates our way.
  • Our comprehensive screening process will give you the peace of mind that you are in compliance with government regulations, which lowers the risk of lawsuits, penalties and bad publicity resulting from accidents and poor hiring decisions.
  • LINK utilizes the same proprietary interview guides, assessments and testing software across all our offices for multi-location project hiring consistency.

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