Our Commitment to Dependability and Flexibility

Why LINK Is The Best Staffing Firm For Your Industry

All of LINK Staffing’s advanced screening and assessment, risk management initiatives and candidate care programs are the foundation of LINK’s core tenets: We provide competent, dependable talent who will get your job done, and we make it easy to meet your needs by offering some of the most flexible programs in the industry.

Additional LINK Staffing Programs and Benefits

  • Pre-Hire Consultations: LINK Staffing will assist with defining the project scope and writing the job description. This ensures best fit talent and this service is free of charge to LINK clients.
  • Flexible Hiring: Short-term projects, peak periods, high-volume hiring, and seasonal needs – these things are just part of standard work life, but they can keep a hiring manager awake at night. LINK will fill your role with qualified candidates who are employed by LINK to work for you for a defined period. This way you avoid the risk and expense of workers comp, unemployment insurance and turnover.
  • Pay for Performance Options: LINK clients have the option to compensate candidates on a pay-for-performance basis as determined by predefined productivity targets helping our clients better estimate project costs, completing projects on time, and within budget. LINK is a project management expert that services oil and gas distribution, and retail clients. It often leads to faster project completion.
  • On-Boarding Check in:  At LINK, we don’t just send candidates to your location and wish everyone good luck. We regularly call to check-in on the client and candidate to ensure that the job match is a good fit for all.  
  • Quick Conflict Resolution: All LINK offices are independently owned and operated. Easy access to the local owner means any disputes or challenges will be escalated and resolved quickly.

LINK Staffing Finds The Best Candidates For Your Business

At LINK, we have provided competent, dependable talent on a contract, project, and direct-hire basis to small and mid-size businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies for over 35 years. By working closely with each client, we develop a customized roster of candidates who can fill your unique personnel needs as they arise. 

LINK clients typically experience increased productivity, fewer accidents and peace of mind that their open roles will be filled quickly. Contact us today for your staffing and hiring needs.