Marketing A Staffing Firm: Four Ways to Make The Most Of Email

marketing a staffing frirm: using email effectivelyThough Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg famously said “Email is dead,” we are pleased to report email is alive and kicking and is, in fact, a hugely valuable tool for marketing a staffing firm. No wonder: fully 50% of businesspeople begin their day by checking their email. The other 50% can’t be far behind. A well-organized email can work well for internal staff members as well as external clients and candidates. The greatest risks with an email are that it won’t get opened, won’t get a full read, won’t be fully understood (or worse: will be MISunderstood), or won’t garner a response (if response is desired). Here are a few tips to avoid the pitfalls and make email your friend:

HINT #1 – Tighten Up Your Subject Lines

Many email experts say the subject line is the most important piece of an email, yet many of us give it little thought, or even leave it blank! Subject lines are headlines. If they don’t grab the attention of the recipient, your email may go unopened. An effective subject line is clear, concise, and to the point. It touches on a topic of interest to the recipient. Because many of us use spam filters, you should definitely avoid using too many superlatives in your subject lines, or overused words like “FREE,” which may land your email in the spam folder. And by all means, NEVER leave the subject line blank! 

HINT #2 – Make One Point Per Email

Emails are quick communications. Nobody likes laboring though lo-o-o-ong ones. Stick to the point—ONE point. If you need to communicate a number of different things then use separate emails for each subject. You will find you get clearer answers. You’ll also increase the odds of your point being addressed by the recipient in a timely manner, preventing any time consuming problems that hold up quicker inquiries or issues. One way to check whether you’re writing to a single point is whether you can write a good subject line. If you don’t know what your subject line should be about, maybe your email is too scattered.

HINT #3 – Insinuate A Response

Advertisers know the value of a “call to action.” Unless you tell people what you want them to do, it’s hard to expect them to do it. Let your email reader know what you want from them. You may not have to spell it out in a way that’s condescending, but DO make it obvious. Make it easy for recipients to reply by including any contact information, including your name, title, and phone number. Do the same for internal correspondence too. If the reader has to search for information, they probably won’t bother responding. 

HINT #4 – Stay In Contact

Make sure you check your inbox regularly to ensure you can reply to responses. This is really simple courtesy, and will help you portray a positive image  by responding appropriately and in a timely fashion. It may also encourage others to do the same for you. If a detailed response is required, remain courteous and send a holding email to verify you’ve received the email and that you’re working towards a response. This little tip costs you no real effort, but will make a great difference. 

Remember that marketing a staffing company isn’t always about selling your business. Sometimes the polite and courteous little things make a huge difference in how your company is perceived. Follow the above tips for streamlined email, increased email productivity, and effective marketing of your staffing company.