Machinist: Operator

Machinist: Operator

Job Overview

Order #: 3496967
Production Machine Operator

Position Summary:
A cable fab associate produces twisted wire, sub assembly components and/or hoses. Common processes include bunching or
twisting machines, stranding (twisting together of multiple strands), twinning (twisting two conductors into pairs), quadding (4
previously produced pairs twisted together to form a 4 pair), braiding, and armoring cables in a planetary cabler.
Essential Job Functions:
• Set up and operate cabling production equipment following work instructions and machine standards to ensure that a quality
product is produced.
• Ability to operate multiple cabling, twisting and bunching machines as well as auxiliary tape machines.
• Performs and record all applicable quality checks on the product.
• Ability to perform tension control and dynamic lay length measurements.
• Maintain a clean and orderly work area including a complete clean up at end of shift.
• Clearly communicate the status of the work in process and any other factors that may affect work flow or product quality.
• Embody the core values of Safety, Integrity, Teamwork & Continuous Improvement
Skills Desired:
• Knowledge of Bunching, stranding, twinning planetary cabler and braiding equipment.
• Knowledge of lay direction (right hand (z strand) vs left hand lay(s strand)
• Ability to check color codes
• Knowledge of various braiding materials (Kevlar, Nylon, Polyester, Teflon, metallic braids)
• Knowledge of closing dies
• Knowledge of cable armoring with steel/high tensile steel
• Tape heads and various taping materials
• Payoffs and take-ups
• Capstans, caterpillar
• Guide plates (lay plates).
• Diameter control
• Various reel types and sizes, spools for braiding, rotary braiding machines
• Loading and unloading characteristics of machines
• Length counters, operational controls, tension controls and emergency stops.
• Understanding elongation, wire resistance, weight, length, appearance , cast memory.
Essential Job Requirements:
• High School diploma or GED.
• Basic mathematical skills
• Basic knowledge of calipers, micrometers, reading dial gauges, tape measures
• Basic knowledge of cabling equipment and mechanical aptitude.
Physical Requirements:
The ability to lift, push and pull at least 50 pounds, stand, kneel, reach and sit in a normal seated
position for extended periods of time.

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