QC Inspector with NDE Liquid Penetrant Testing

QC Inspector with NDE Liquid Penetrant Testing

Job Overview

Order #: 3496905

Link Staffing has partnered up with a company looking for great talent to join their team. Our client provides reconditioning processes utilizing electroplated hard industrial chrome, sulfonate nickel, HVOF, Plasma and Electric Wire Arc thermal spray coatings, cylindrical grinding & honing, phosphate coating, and media blasting for the oil, petrochemical, marine, hydraulic, and manufacturing industries. 

Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities:

  • Must be able to use and read micrometers

  • Each part is the responsibility of the inspector to insure the finish size, rms finish, detail work (deburr etc.), and required liquid penetrant exams as outlined in the work order traveler and drawing have been successfully performed by all grind and hone operators. The inspector’s main function is to insure the part is correct per the work order traveler prior to returning to the customer

  • Will approach each operator (grind, hone, & machinist) during prep to insure all paperwork is completed as they proceed and that project is prepped per instructions

  • Will approach each operator (grind, hone, & machinist) after finish work has been performed and QC each part end the end to insure that the work order traveler has all signed off entries by all involved operators and their respective processes documented as outlined by the work order traveler.  The inspector will sign off on the work order traveler after confirming the final dimensions, rms finish, detail work, and liquid penetrant requirements as outlined in the work order traveler.

  • QC Supervisor to either utilize his own calibrated mic set, calibrated QC mic set in grind shop, or set the operators mic to standard before part is QC. 

  • The inspector can contact the customer and submit any deviation waiver should there be a variance between the finished part and the details outlined in the work order traveler

  • The inspector will also write any non-conformance documentation and place inside the work order traveler outlining any deviation caused by the grind/hone operators.  Inspector shall instruct the grind/hone operators to rework any parts due to any failure to produce a finish part as outlined in the work order traveler

  • Must insure that grind/hone operators are completing the liquid penetrant trainee logs to record hours needed for certification

  • QC Supervisor needs to work to become a Level II NDE-Liquid Penetrant Certified

  • While visiting each station QC Supervisor will inquire/review for standard machine maintenance and will report if machine is in need of repair

  • While visiting each station insure area is well maintained, organized, and safe (machine guards are on and all straps are up to OSHA standards

  • Will complete corrective action reports, as necessary

  • Will write continual improvement reports, as necessary

  • Must have good technical and communication skills to assist all grind/hone operators with a sound approach to successfully complete each project 

    • Must oversee that each operator is conducting his process in a safe manner


  • The inspector must have at least three years grinding experience or related field 

  • Should have at least a high school diploma or an equivalent GED

  • Trainee must have a minimum of four weeks supervised training.  It is up to the instructor to judge when the trainee is ready to inspect projects without supervision


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