Blending Technician

Blending Technician

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Link Staffing has partnered with the leader in the nutrition industry for over 40 years. Known for top-quality supplements and enhanced product delivery systems, the company drives advancement by focusing on research initiatives, unique product formulations and unprecedented quality control. A family-owned company with a rich history, they are most proud of their valued partnerships with healthcare professionals.

Blending Technician:

This position is responsible for ensuring products are weighed and blended in accordance with FDA regulatory requirements as well as company procedures and policies.

· Preparing and operating all equipment associated with weighing and blending. This includes scales, blenders, stand-mixers, forklifts, steam boiler, emulsifiers, granulator, pallet jacks and mills

· Examining and verifying powders, to be weighed or blended, based on identifying data on containers and production batch records

· Moving weighed, palletized products from staging area to blending room(s)

· Preparing powders for mixing such as milling, pre-blending, and sifting

· Blending and allocating products in a timely manner

· Cleaning blending and weighing equipment when necessary

· Correctly filling out logs and the appropriate sections of production batch records

· Alerting the Compounding Supervisor of discrepancies resulting from weighing or blending

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