Machinist: CNC Programmer

Machinist: CNC Programmer

Job Overview

Order #: 3493614

Job Title: Plasma



  • Once a cut order is received, thoroughly review order for any special instructions.

  • Find allocated material in designated rack.

  • Safely transfer material from rack to plasma table via overhead crane/forklift.

  • Load material onto plasma table.

  • Pull designated cut file from share-drive computer.

  • Load designated cut file onto Burny Controller.

  • Properly align material so that it is straight.

  • Make sure outer perimeter of program fits on designated material.

  • Use a “proper” home/start point to conserve material from any wasteful cutting/spacing.

  • Ensure that correct settings/offsets are entered into the controller to prevent under/over cutting parts/pieces.

  • After cutting program, trim any remnants of material remaining, remove parts and skeleton and begin filling out proper paperwork.

  • QC’ing/measuring parts cut to ensure they within tolerance listed in paperwork.

  • Marking parts/pieces with correct information and heat numbers from paperwork.

  • Packaging/palletizing parts/pieces for shipping and shrink wrapping. Mark correct information on top of shrink-wrapped pallet as well.

  • Filling out paperwork correctly and neatly with all required information asked within the paperwork.

  • Turn in paperwork to shipping/receiving, move completed pallet/job to staging area.

  • Repeat process.

This is literally a breakdown/procedure of what the operator will do in pretty much the same order. Slight variances may occur, but this is mostly standard. Operator will also be asked to help the other operators should they need help. They will also be asked to help on our stock side as well helping pull orders and do basic cleaning of warehouse if their machine is not busy.


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