Maintenance Technician – with CNC

Maintenance Technician – with CNC

Job Overview

Order #: 3493514

Day Shift



Maintain mechanical equipment, including but not limited to:

Graco mixers.

Filament winding machines.

Coffin ovens.

Air compressors.

Log all maintenance events.

Manage maintenance data logs, including failure logs.

Identify and repair/replacement frequency based on the logs.

Set up and maintain maintenance schedules based on logs.

Identify if a part can be repaired. If not able to be repaired, know who to call or how to obtain the service needed to complete the repair as soon as possible.

Always perform job tasks in a safe manner while adhering to the company safety policies.

Maintain required attendance and punctuality as scheduled to meet production goals.

Maintain a safe and clean work environment by following standards and procedures and comply with legal regulations.

Perform other functions and responsibilities as assigned.



A minimum of a high school diploma or GED.

Two plus years of experience in mechanical or electrical repair work.

Ability to read, write, and speak the English language fluently.

Basic computer literacy skills.

Ability to successfully manage multiple tasks and timelines in a fast-paced environment.

Ability to liaise professionally with team members and system users.

Ability to perform assigned tasks with moderate supervision.

Strong verbal and written communication skills.



Lift a minimum of 50lbs., repeatedly, without assistance and up to 100lbs with assistance.

Push/pull heavy objects with the proper equipment.

Cardiorespiratory: Have average to above-average cardiorespiratory fitness* to perform the essential tasks of this job safely. Must be able to safely tolerate significant demands on the cardiorespiratory system related to working in hot and humid environments, climbing stairs, and occasionally lifting heavy items.

*Cardiorespiratory demands vary depending on speed/rate of activity, environmental influences (i.e., temperature, humidity, etc.) body weight, external weight/forces, age, and level of fitness of employee.

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