Expressions-19.jpgAt LINK, our core values are:

  • To treat each person with dignity and respect.
  • To meet or exceed our clients’ expectations of us.
  • To be committed to continual improvement.
  • To do what is right, regardless of the circumstances.



That is why our clients and Field Staff are loyal advocates. 

“What I like best about LINK Staffing is that they keep you busy with work and also the friendly work environment that they provide for you.”

Cameron S.


“LINK Staffing Services makes me feel like part of the family.  I don’t feel like just another Field Staff employee.  Every time I make an appearance at LINK Staffing, I am greeted with a friendly smile and a hello from the office staff members.  LINK Staffing is always very prompt in handling any requests or issues.  They are very expeditious with my payroll and I was amazed with the different options they offer for receiving my payroll.  I have recommended LINK Staffing Services to my family and friends and will continue to do so.  Thank you LINK Staffing Services!”

Teresa D.


“The staff at LINK are really nice and professional.  I also like the fact that if I have any questions, they are answered quickly.  LINK is the best temp service i have worked for so far.”

Allison L.


“LINK has been able to find me long term employment at a great company.  I really like the pay card that they issued me to use and I always get my pay on time and paid correctly.  I have worked with LINK for over a year and I have never been paid wrong or late. Even on Holidays they make sure that our pay goes through. I feel that they understand how hard we work for our money and do their best to take care of us.”

Jermaine D.


“I needed a Part-time position that wouldn’t interfere with my duties as a Mom. I had been unable to convince any employers to hire me for Part-time, primarily because I do have a Professional Masters Degree. While I am proud of the degree, it no longer fits my priorities in life and career.  Within 5 minutes of applying for a job, I was called by LINK. By that evening I was already in the interview process. I have no idea how LINK was able to glean from my resume EXACTLY how suitable I was for this position, and it for me.  For every step in the process the manager and the staff at LINK, took a personal interest in my success and in meeting the desires of the employer. There may be many staffing services out there, but I can’t begin to imagine any other so warm, competent, and efficient. I have already begun recommending them to my friends and family. No words can express the relief of being placed where I am a good fit.”

Elizabeth G.


“I like working for LINK Staffing Services because they provided me with good valuable employee service! LINK Staffing Services helped my find an employer to work for that fully enhance my professional career growth. LINK Staffing Services is a great and reputable company to work for with good, solid foundations, and excellent values!”

Aleida P.


“My experience with Diana Peterson-Ratay and Manny Garcia at LINK Staffing Services has been friendly, courteous and professional.  It has been a genuine pleasure dealing with them. I would recommend this LINK Staffing Services location and these representatives to any job seeker looking for temporary, or temporary leading to permanent employment.”

Tom D.


“I am in college and have been able to find employment through LINK for the last 3 summers while on break. Somehow they are able to put me right to work and it allows me to make some much needed extra money while home for the summer.  It has given me some great exposure to a variety of companies and taught me a lot about the way different companies work. Also it has helped me to realize what I want to do after college and gives me good experience to include on my resume.”

Bradley M.