Honoring America’s Heroes With LINKCORPS™

As a military veteran, you are more than the sacrifices you make. You return to the United States with skills and experience that deserve recognition and respect. Yet for so many veterans like you, the transition into the civilian workforce is complicated and needlessly challenging.

At LINK, we believe that your skills and experience make you exceptionally valuable to employers in virtually every industry. With LINKCORPS™, our career experts connect you with employment opportunities in great companies across the country. By partnering with employers directly, we help hiring managers to understand precisely how veterans like you help their businesses succeed.

Are you a military veteran or military spouse looking for meaningful work?


The LINKCORPS Advantage

Skill Translation

The skills and experience you bring to the table are extraordinarily valuable, but the language used to describe your background is not always applicable to civilian settings. Our experts work closely with you to translate your resume from military to civilian language so hiring managers can more easily determine your suitability for roles.

Career Support

Our career experts not only understand the challenges facing veterans in today’s business landscape — they are committed to helping you overcome them. With LINKCORPS™, our career experts tailor job search support to your unique goals as a military veteran or military spouse.

Employer Connections

Many companies in the United States don’t fully appreciate the value of your military experience in the workplace. With LINKCORPS™, we work directly with business leaders to help them recognize the qualities veterans bring to their organizations and teams, and connect you directly with companies that already understand what you bring to the table.


I am in college and have been able to find employment through LINK for the last 3 summers while on break. Somehow they are able to put me right to work and it allows me to make some much needed extra money while home for the summer. It has given me some great exposure to a variety of companies and taught me a lot about the way different companies work. Also, it has helped me to realize what I want to do after college and gives me good experience to include on my resume.

– Bradley M.

I like working for LINK Staffing Services because they provided me with good valuable employee service! LINK Staffing Services helped me find an employer to work for that fully enhance my professional career growth. LINK Staffing Services is a great and reputable company to work for with good, solid foundations, and excellent values!

– Aleida P.

You deserve a partner you can trust in your job search.

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