Retail Staffing Solutions

We Can Find Great Candidates for Retail Staffing To Support Your Business and Customer Service



Retail staffing candidates are critical to keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently during busy times. Whether hiring retail staffing candidates for seasonal surges, peak period or full-time positions, you need people with a positive attitude, who work well with existing team members and customers – and actually show up and are dependable.

We can help fill the following retail staffing roles:

  • Store Remodel & Reset Help
  • New Store Set-Up
  • Peak Period & Holiday Staff
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Stockers & Inventory
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Demonstrators
  • Merchandisers


How LINK Identifies Qualified Retail Staffing Candidates

At LINK Staffing, we’ve been providing temporary, project and permanent qualified retail employees to small retailers through to big box name brand stores for over 35 years. Our LINK 9-Step Employee Selection SystemSM ensures you hire reliable talent with the right attitude for your job. Our retail staffing employees undergo drug testing (where applicable by law), criminal background checks, work attitude testing, and skill-specific tests, among others.

We Can Provide The Best Candidates For Your Business

With LINK Staffing support, you can match your workforce to your workload regardless of peaks and valleys. We maintain a large pool of applicants ready to assist you with seasonal demands and special events. Plus, the use of LINK candidates on a planned, systematic basis can have a dramatic effect on both productivity and profits.

LINK delivers quality people when you need them. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our employee, call us at 1-888-929-LINK within the first 8 hours of their assignment and you will not be charged.