How To Make Great Sales Pitches

The Best Sales Tactics Are About Much More Than Just Closing Deals

Being successful in sales is an artform. This means that sales is comprised of skills that can be mastered – and you can always learn new tactics or better strategies. The most experienced sales people I know are always looking to find ways to ask better questions, which will increase their probability of success – and, ultimately, help them close more deals. What I am about to share with you was something I had the opportunity to learn recently from Jeff West. Jeff is a successful salesman that spent over three decades in sales and sales leadership. He came to LINK Staffing to teach us about Fusion Points™, and how they can be used to “craft” our success in sales.

Sales Tip: Stop Pitching Sales Based On Logic-Driven Decisions

Wait, what? Okay, let me explain. Although we have been taught that emotions get in the way of making clear and rational decisions, Jeff’s study points out that this is simply not how our brain is wired. Our brain, with all its complexity, has both logical and emotional components that always communicate in order to make decisions. All decisions combine emotion and logic, whether we like it or not.

But why am I telling you this? Because I want you to succeed in life (and in sales of course). We cannot let our emotions control us and our decisions, but trying to make strictly logical decisions just doesn’t work.

Sales Tip: Create A Pitch Strategy That Engages Both Emotions & Logic

Our logical thoughts are straightforward, like math: 1 + 1 = 2. If I work more, I can make more money. High company credibility is better than low company credibility. My company can offer X, Y and Z, and therefore you should use our services. Makes sense, right?

But try going into a sales meeting using just logic. Has that ever worked for you? Can you go in, explain all about your company, sell sell sell, and actually make the sale? Chances are, probably not.

That’s when the emotional component comes in. Our emotions tap into feelings and state of mind. Making more money means a better lifestyle for my family. I enjoy working with this company because I feel like I belong. If I like and trust you, then I will buy from you.

Sales Tip: Clients Like To Do Business With People They Know, Like & Trust

So how does this help me succeed in sales?

First, we have to remember that emotions can be positive or negative. While positive emotions [trust, love, excitement, surprise] can take you a long way, negative emotions [frustration, fear, disgust] can completely ruin your chances of closing the deal.

So our job is to combine logic and positive emotions – and this is what Jeff calls…

*drum rolls please*

Fusion Point™: When Logic & Emotion Combine To Drive A Successful Client Interaction

According to Jeff: “Fusion Points™ are those unifying moments when logic and positive emotion merge and ignite, creating commitment, energy and acceleration.”

We can create fusion points by constructing a relationship with our prospects and customers. Presenting your company differentiators and logical components are extremely important, but let’s not forget that logic alone hurts your chances of closing the deal.

And a little tip? If emotions and logic are in perfect balance, the tie breaker will always be emotions.

Next article will be about how leaders can apply fusion points to better retain team members and generate better results. Stay tuned!