Navigating Employment During COVID-19

Honesty First

I’m going to be honest, here.  Who hasn’t been affected by the employment implosion created by the Coronavirus? Hmm.  No hands?  It’s not surprising.

According to USA Today, the unemployment rate in February was an encouraging 3.5%. Now, even Kiplinger is expecting to see the rate rise to beyond 12% in April.  Since the reported numbers preceded many of the nationwide school and business closure mandates, I think we can all agree that the numbers are quite grim for many American households who rely on nonessential industries.  There has even been talk that the rate could increase to as much as 30%!  All major worker groups continue to be affected by this unprecedented economic downturn. Are you among them?  Well, clearly, you’re not alone.

Even if you happen to be lucky enough to have retained your job but with fewer hours, how do you plan for the coming month, dare I say ‘months’, of bills on decreased wages?

Here at LINK Staffing, we’re here to help you navigate any type of employment roadblock such as this.  Whether it be political tides, natural disasters (we, in Houston, certainly remember Hurricane Harvey) or worldwide pandemics like COVID-19, we’ve seen it. We’ve stuck through them all.

The Silver Lining

While the situation is certainly gloomy for now, I want to encourage you with the silver lining to this cloud:

Temporary Jobs!

There’s no denying that essential industries run our nation on good and bad days without fail.  It has become a mainstream saga of how every local grocery store is scrambling to keep up with the demand of citizens charged with ‘stay home’ orders.  Let’s not forget that nearly every essential business (like your local grocery store) depends heavily on behind-the-scenes labor such as logistics, shipping and receiving and warehouse workers. Online retailers are also feeling the heat of high demand.  These are vital positions which are in immediate need of short-term employees to help keep our nation afloat. An even brighter silver lining would be that these positions have very often turned into rewarding careers for many of our candidates.

Link Staffing is placed in a unique position to help fill the voids for these medium-sized to major corporations.

The Pot at the end of the Rainbow

Are you an eager candidate trying to power-through these tough times?

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