The Right Person for the Right Job

LINK Has The Solution

LINK’s applicant prescreening process is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and is a primary component in helping us to provide our clients with higher quality and more productive employees. Our screening assessment includes proprietary tools along with participation in government programs to ensure that our employees meet or exceed your expectations. In fact, 33% of candidates are screened out for either undesirable traits or an inability to perform before ever making it to your workplace.

LINK’s proprietary job matching technology is at the core of our solution. Our Job Matching Cultural Fit program ensures we are able to recruit people who have the technical ability, the interpersonal skills, as well as share your organization’s core values. We will visit your site and conduct a cultural assessment of your organization to ensure we only send candidates whose behaviors, abilities and competencies match with what the job requires and will fit in with your organization. Cultural Fit leads to greater employee engagement, the development of talented individuals, and decreased turnover.