Case Study Staffing Services At Your “Disposal”


A national medical waste disposal company. Services they provide include medical waste disposal, sharps disposal management, pharmaceutical recalls, medical device returns, healthcare on-site waste stream management, and pharmaceutical waste disposal. The client needs skilled and semi-skilled workers to service their network of transportation, processing, and treatment facilities in various areas throughout the country.


  • Due to the nature of the client’s business, some of the positions can be challenging to get the right employee and turnover has been a major issue.
  • Proper safety training and appropriate use of safety equipment is vital in accident prevention. The client had accidents occurring on a regular basis.
  • Workers also have to maintain appropriate vaccinations and have up to date records.


  • LINK has initiated a customized recruiting and screening process for the client. This includes providing a detailed job description to all candidates and requiring them to take a tour of the facility. This ensures that the candidates have a thorough understanding of the work environment and allows LINK to assess whether or not the employee will be able to handle the job activities.
  • LINK ensures that every employee has the proper safety equipment prior to arriving at the jobsite. In addition, every employee is required to complete a mandatory safety orientation, which includes videos on proper safety techniques. LINK offers weekly safety bonuses to encourage ongoing safety awareness. LINK also performs random site investigations to ensure that all of the appropriate safety equipment is being worn and all procedures are being followed correctly.
  • LINK maintains a log of all required vaccinations and ensures that every employee receives their shots at the proper times.


  • LINK is able to hire workers who are qualified and well prepared for the assignment, shortening the learning curve previously needed to get people acclimated to the work environment and conditions. Due to the extensive applicant screening and hiring process implemented by LINK, turnover rates have been reduced for the client.
  • With LINK’s comprehensive safety program in place, accident rates have been reduced.
  • All employees maintain the appropriate shots needed for the assignment and the client no longer has to worry about constantly monitoring this.

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