Case Study Open All Hours

Our client, a national big-box retail chain can’t hire fast enough to achieve the number of employees needed.


  • During store remodels, the client is unable to hire fast enough to achieve the number of employees needed.
  • Theft and safety have been an issue for the client during these projects and shopper satisfaction dips dramatically resulting in a drop in revenue.
  • The client had trouble monitoring temporary employee time and staff levels in an environment with multiple supervisors and shifts that operate around the clock.
  • Staying on budget throughout the remodel project is big concern for the client.


  • LINK has implemented an aggressive recruiting model to maintain a constant pool of qualified applicants so that we can respond quickly to the client’s time critical staffing needs.
  • LINK’s comprehensive screening process eliminates candidates with tendencies towards theft, unsafe work habits, and other undesirable characteristics.   To ensure that all field staff are working safely and in accordance with OSHA regulations, all LINK field staff must complete a customized safety orientation in addition to participating in LINK’s ongoing safety program.  As LINK’s field staff work side by side with the client’s full time employees, it is critical they have the same customer friendly focus that the client demands. To begin the “service” mindset early, LINK conducts customer service training with all assigned field staff.
  • LINK installs timeclocks at each site that automatically feed the time information into our secure client WebCenter.  LINK also provides in-store supervisors to ensure that proper staffing levels are achieved.
  • LINK provides regular reports on staff levels and billing to ensure that the client always has an accurate handle on their staffing spend and can monitor and adjust budgets accordingly


  • Through LINK’s constant recruiting efforts and job matching procedures, the client is able to quickly ramp up its workforce with qualified workers to meet remodel demands.
  • LINK’s screening process helps to ensure that the client has a higher quality of worker than they have seen from any other staffing companies, resulting in less shrink in stock items and a reduction in accidents.  LINK’s field staff blend seamlessly with the client’s regular employees helping to provide greater customer satisfaction during the remodel periods resulting in less loss of revenue.
  • LINK’s time keeping solutions allow the client to constantly monitor staff levels and accurately record and approve time for all temporary employees.
  • The quality employees that LINK provides consistently meets or exceeds the client’s expectations thus improving productivity and helping to ensure the client finishes each project on or below budget

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