Case Study Manufacturing The Perfect Team

A major mechanical contractor specializing in industrial and commercial air conditioning, heating, piping, insulation, plumbing, metal fabrication, and millwright work.


  • Most of the client’s work is project based, and they often have times when they need a huge ramp up of personnel, followed by slower times after the projects end.  The company is continuously dealing with peaks and valleys in their labor needs.
  • The client was concerned about rapidly escalating worker’s comp and unemployment costs, as well as having a flexible workforce.  They also wanted to reduce their head-count so that they could be more competitive when bidding on large projects.The client’s work week ends on a Saturday, and their managers were constantly swamped on this day sorting and approving individual time tickets for each of the temporary employees. Their payroll is done on Sunday, a day when most temporary agencies were not open.
  • Recruiting for highly skilled positions such as sheet metal mechanics, pipefitters, welders, plumbers, and skilled helpers was a challenge for the client, especially when they needed to ramp up for large projects quickly.  These positions require special recruiting and screening techniques to ensure that quality workers are taken on.


  • LINK provides a flexible staffing solution for the client so that whenever a project comes in, LINK provides the personnel to allow them to ramp up quickly.
  • LINK provides all of the workers needed for the client’s projects (skilled, semi-skilled, general labor), which allows the client to “flex” their head-count as needed.  LINK has also taken over all employee costs associated with these workers including payroll, worker’s comp, unemployment comp, and state and federal taxes.  This provides a great cost savings to the client and allows them to be more competitive when quoting large projects.
  • Through LINK’s comprehensive screening process and extensive experience with recruiting for skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers, LINK has created a customized program to recruit the large volume of workers that the client frequently needs for their projects.  LINK uses its internal employee referral program and also partners with the major technical schools in the area as part of its recruiting strategy for the client.


  • LINK provides workers for the client whenever they need a ramp up for a project, then when the project is over, LINK moves the employees to other assignments, so the client no longer worries about upsizing and downsizing their workforce.  LINK now provides a complete contingent workforce solution for the client so that the workers are there when they need them and gone when they don’t, allowing the client to focus on their core business.
  • Over a three year period, the client has saved approximately $175,000 in worker’s comp costs, in addition to huge savings in unemployment costs.
  • The client is now an advocate of LINK’s screening process, which ensures that they always receive highly qualified workers that meet all of their expectations.  In fact, the client no longer has an internal HR department and LINK has now taken over all of the responsibilities for recruiting and hiring their skilled, semi-skilled, and general labor employees.

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