Case Study Laundry Must Be Done

A major laundry service who contracts with a number of large hospitals in their area. They provide industrial dry cleaning, laundry, and linen supply services to the hospitals.


  • The client must maintain a workforce 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays, as the hospitals do not close and need laundry services on a daily basis.
  • The client was working with five different staffing agencies in order to get all of the people that they needed, which provided logistical problems in organizing all of the personnel.
  • The client’s work week ends on a Saturday, and their managers were constantly swamped on this day sorting and approving individual time tickets for each of the temporary employees. Their payroll is done on Sunday, a day when most temporary agencies were not open.
  • A concern of the client was a potential for inadvertently using illegal workers.


  • LINK provides an on-site manager who is permanently assigned to the facility. This ensures that someone is there every day to check in employees, assess daily staffing needs, and make sure that all of the employees meet the client’s expectations.
  • By providing a dedicated on-site manager, LINK has been able to coordinate the other vendors when needed. This gives the client one point of contact, making it easier to relay information quickly and more efficiently.
  • LINK has installed a time clock onsite, which allows employees to easily clock in and out for each shift. This has eliminated the need for individual time tickets and the need for managers to keep up with mountains of paperwork. LINK has also provided Sunday coverage in order to process payroll in alignment with the client’s needs.
  • LINK’s comprehensive screening process includes E-Verify, a program through the Department of Homeland Security, which assesses an employee’s eligibility to work.


  • Through LINK’s on-site solution, the client now has a dedicated manager at their facility 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure that all machines are manned every day with qualified workers. The client is now an advocate of LINK’s on-site solution.
  • Through LINK’s on-site presence and vendor management services, the client reduced the number of vendors they were working with from five to two.
  • LINK’s time clock solution has allowed LINK to completely take over the responsibility for managing employee time. This saves the client’s managers valuable time and makes payroll operations easier and more efficient.
  • The client no longer worries about having employees that are not authorized to legally work in the U.S.

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