Case Study Fortune 50 Retailer

Decentralized Staffing Approach
to Centralized Strategy.


  • Simplify management of Retailer’s contingent workforce.
  • Lack of onboarding expertise.
  • Availability of internal associates.
  • Inability to flex with volume, especially during peak periods where labor hours increase as much as 800 thousand hours (21%) per week.
  • Excessive overtime spend.


  • Workforce optimization through vendor consolidation.
  • Integrated best practices across regions.
  • Executed between 1 – 5% of their base labor.
  • Eliminate overtime.


  • Significant savings compared to internal / external temporaries, overtime and average associates rate.
  • Immediate impact on sales by fixing 2nd shift and weekends.
  • Store management focus on base operation vs. recruiting.
  • Ability to flex with expected volume.
  • Agency presence will create indirect pressure on associate schedule availability.
  • Ability to hire best talent from LINK at no incremental cost.
  • Partnership has visibility of LINK’s CEO which ensures standards are met.
  • Expanded partnership scope from remodels to base business.
  • First year saving of $1M, second year savings of $4M, expanded partnership brought in excess of $20M in savings over the third and fourth years.

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